Lockmasters Mobile

Lockmasters Mobile - the Mobile professional locksmith service to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets in the North East


tel: 01325 353884

mob: 07850 471064

IR Locking Systems

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Locks supplied / installed &


Contract work carried out

Keys supplied / cut on-site or at workshop

Master Key Suites supplied / installed

Access Control Systems supplied / installed

Safes supplied / installed

Telephone 07850 471 064

Emergency service provided

Repairs to locks carried out

Security Bars & Grilles supplied / installed

Most common locks are kept in stock, however, the more unusual / specialised items can be usually supplied within 24 - 48hrs on request and dependant on our suppliers and the availability.

Master Key Suites are particularly useful for property landlords and hotels and can be designed to the individual's needs and/or requirements. Lockmasters Mobile has at least two unique Registered Key Sections which prevents the unauthorised copying of keys at any "local key cutting" premises.

Access Control Systems can either be mechanical and/or electronically operated. This can alleviate the problem of lost or stolen keys, and the sometimes costly replacement of the locks due to their suspected compromise.